The DNA of Stars4ever

For as long as I can remember, I've been using art to express my feelings and thoughts. It wasn't until I fell in love with fashion, that I eventually gained confidence and found myself. After years and years of dreaming, I finally created Stars4ever in 2021. 

Stars4ever is here to promote self expression, and self love. As young women, we are constantly doubting ourselves because of ridiculous assumptions and prejudice. So I created my brand to support all the other girls out there in believing in themselves. Fashion is my language, and it could be yours too! I believe that everyone is a star forever. I believe that everyone deserves the same treatment, opportunities, and the freedom to speak up for themselves.

I hope that through my creations, others get to express themselves through fashion, love themselves, and see all the beauty out there in the world. 

So dress up, have fun, and fall in love with yourself! Because babe, you are a star, forever. 

-Anna Yang🎀🫶💋

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